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ROAD -- Sport Bikes

Sport bicycles are a top choice for day rides. Their light weight, responsive frames, downturn handlebars and fairly narrow tires make them fun to pedal. Triple cranks make many of them easier to ride uphill, too. Listings marked "RETRO" include classic older models and special editions from recent decades. (See Racing and Touring sections for more great bikes.)

        Photo         Description
Photo 48cm CANNONDALE CAD3 -- $425
   (16 speeds, green)
  (Cannondale size) Almost no scratches! US-made aluminum frame and fork equipped with a Shimano 105 group.  [ More » ]
Photo 52cm SPECIALIZED ALLEZ -- $400
   (24 speeds, matte blue)
  (Specialized size) Ready for light touring or day trips with a butted aluminum frame, triple cranks and Shimano drivetrain.
Photo 54cm TREK 2100 -- $450
   (16 speeds, carbon/blue)
  (Trek size) US-made model has a carbon fiber main frame bonded to aluminum stays and fork. Rebuilt with a Shimano 105 group.
Photo 57cm NASHBAR RACE -- $385
   (16 speeds, red)
  (Measured c-c) High-quality frame made in Japan, not China. Shimano 105 brakes and drivetrain with STI shifting, Mavic rims.  [ More » ]
Photo 58cm TREK 1000 -- $350
   (24 speeds, black/silver)
  (Trek size) Newer version of Trek's well-known model. Alpha aluminum frame, carbon fiber fork, Shimano Sora components.
Photo 60cm CANNONDALE R400 -- $385
   (24 speeds, blue)
  (Cannondale size) Sport model features an aluminum frame, carbon fork, Shimano and Truvativ equipment with wide gear range.  [ More » ]
Photo 62cm CANNONDALE -- $450
   (14 speeds, red)
  (Cannondale size) Early Cannondale racer in excellent condition. Repainted aluminum frame, mostly original Shimano 600 group.  [ More » ]


Recycled Cycles LogoROAD -- Racing/Triathlon Bikes

Racing and triathlon bikes are built for performance, with lightweight materials and fairly narrow tires. Many racers are suitable for triathlon use, but tri-specific models have unique positioning and other features. Listings marked "RETRO" include classic older models from recent decades. (See Sport and Touring sections for more bikes.)  [ Top of Page ]

        Photo         Description
Photo 51cm BIANCHI SAN LORENZO -- $1035
   (18 speeds, celeste/black)
  (Measured c-t) High-perfomance bike features a Scandium frame and carbon fork. Shimano Dura-Ace equipment, Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels.
Photo 52cm CANNONDALE R900 -- $525
   (16 speeds, polished)
  (Cannondale size) Near original with US-made aluminum frame, carbon fork and Shimano 600 components.  [ More » ]
Photo 53cm BIANCHI VELOCE -- $650
   (18 speeds, celeste)
  (Bianchi size) Classic Italian road bike in very good condition. Mega Pro steel tubing, Campagnolo Veloce components.   [ More » ]
Photo 54cm CANNONDALE R1000 -- $625 (Was $700)
   (18 speeds, black/gray/white)
  (Cannondale size) US-made aluminum frame and Slice carbon fork in a rare color combination. Full Shimano Ultegra component group, Mavic rims.
Photo 54cm FUJI ROUBAIX -- $525
   (27 speeds, white/black)
  (Fuji size) Butted Fusion series aluminum frame, carbon fork. Nicely equipped with Shimano 105 and Ritchey componentry.   [ More » ]
Photo 54cm SEROTTA COLORADO AL -- $630
   (18 speeds, red/polished)
  (Measured c-c) Handmade with proprietary aluminum tubing, Kestrel EMS carbon fork. Shimano components, Mavic Open Pro rims.  [ More » ]
Photo 56cm TREK 2.3 -- $875
   (20 speeds, silver/black/white)
  (Trek size) Compact model has great ride quality. Alpha aluminum frame, Bontrager carbon fork, Shimano 105 compact drivetrain.
Photo 58cm "COLNAGO" -- $600
   (16 speeds, black)
  New paint and decals give this bike a new identity. High-quality Japanese frame, Shimano Dura-Ace components.
   (16 speeds, natural carbon/polished)
  (Specialized size) Carbon/aluminum racer has high-quality Shimano 600 components and STI shifting.  [ More » ]
Photo 58cm TREK 2300 -- $525
   (16 speeds, natural/polished)
  (Trek size) US-made machine with carbon/aluminum frame and fork, Shimano 600 components with STI shifters.
Photo 59cm CANNONDALE 3.0 -- $600
   (14 speeds, red-orange/yellow fade)
  (Cannondale size) Limited-edition model with rare paint scheme. Aluminum frame and fork, Shimano 600 equipment.  [ More » ]
Photo 60cm CANNONDALE R4000si -- $900 (Was $975)
   (18 speeds, black)
  (Cannondale size) Team-level model is U.S.-made. Full-carbon fork, CNC Si crankset, Shimano Ultegra/Dura-Ace components.  [ More » ]
Photo 60cm RALEIGH 700 COMP -- $600
   (27 speeds, red/black)
  (Raleigh size) High-end model uses shaped 7005-series aluminum frame tubes, Kinesis carbon fork, Shimano Ultegra throughout.  [ More » ]


Recycled Cycles LogoROAD -- Touring Bikes

Touring bicycles are designed for traveling long distances and carrying loads. Comfort and practicality call for longer-wheelbase frames, wide-range gearing, wider tires and racks. Many sport bikes are suitable for light touring. Listings marked "RETRO" include classic older models from recent decades. (See Sport and Racing sections for more bikes.)  [ Top of Page ]

        Photo         Description
Photo 57cm JAMIS NOVA -- $425
   (24 speeds, black/gray)
  (Jamis size) Cyclocross model is also comfortable at light touring. Rebuilt with Shimano Sora shifters and derailleurs, Avid brakes.
Photo 58cm TREK 540 -- $625 (Was $700)
   (24 speeds, pearl white)
  (Trek size) Ready for the long road with oversized frame tubing, higher-end Shimano components, linear-pull brakes, etc.  [ More » ]

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