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Selecting the right bicycle...
for your needs will involve choosing both its type and its size. Click for a short explanation of bicycle sizing. Regarding type, most used bicycles fall into three major categories defined by where the bikes are ridden and age. For more info, see below.

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Road bikes...
are obviously designed to be ridden on roadways and other hard surfaces. Although they can be used on non-paved recreational trails like the Katy Trail, features that add to their on-road efficiency are sometimes a detriment in these environments. Recycled Cycles subcategorizes its road bike inventory into the following sections.
Photo -- Sport
Sport bikes or "sport tourers" are a top choice for short and medium-length day rides. Their light weight, responsive frames, downturn handlebars and narrow- to medium-width tires make them fun to ride. Triple chainwheels make some of them easier to ride uphill, too.
Photo -- Racing/Triathlon
Racing and triathlon bikes are built for speed. Narrow tires, narrow gears and tight frame geometries make them light and agile but not as forgiving as other types of bicycles.

With the addition of aerodynamic handlebars, most racing bikes are suitable for casual triathlon use. Triathlon-specific bicycles, however, often have radical seat positions and other unique features which can make them less suitable for general use.
Photo -- Touring
Touring bicycles are designed for traveling long distances and carrying loads. Rider comfort and practicality call for longer-wheelbase frames, wide-range gearing, medium to wide tires, racks and, usually, some form of downturn handlebars. (Many sport bicycles are also suitable for light touring applications.)
Photo -- Recumbent
Recumbent bicycles often work well for those who have experienced problems with conventional bike positioning. The small wheels and low-slung designs of recumbents place riders close to the ground in a wide, comfortable seat, with cranks mounted in front.
Photo -- Tandem
Tandem bicycles make it easy to ride with your partner because you share the same cycle. One rider handles the gears and brakes, while the other provides added pedal power. With tandems, expect wide gearing and sturdy brake systems, with other componentry set up for rider preference -- from upright comfort to flat-out performance.

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Off-road bikes...
were originally designed to be ridden away from roads, but popular use more often saw their owners taking short road rides. Advances in material and equipment have resulted in the development of more specialized bikes within this category.
Photo -- Mountain
Mountain bikes are user-friendly vehicles with wide tires, upright handlebars and extra-wide gear ranges. Although often used on roads, MTBs meet the demands of true off-road riding with sturdy construction, special componentry and, increasingly, suspension systems.
Photo -- Cyclocross
Cyclocross bikes are a specialized breed of off-road racer. With fairly narrow wheels and down-turn bars, they resemble road bikes, but have cantilever brakes and other heavy-duty, MTB-style features.
Photo -- Comfort
Comfort bikes are well-suited to short, casual rides on recreational trails or roads. Like MTBs, they have upright bars, wide tires, wide saddles and plenty of gear options. Most comfort bikes also have suspension features.
Photo -- Hybrid
Hybrids are a forerunner of the current comfort bikes and, like those models, are generally not built for serious off-road trail use. Typically designed without suspension, they are lighter than comfort bikes and offer greater on-road performance.

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Retro bikes...
Retro bicycles and frames include classic older models and special editions manufactured during the 1970s and '80s. Many feature collectible brand names and unique designs made popular in the past few decades.
Photo -- Retro
Since road riding has a much longer history than off-roading, retro gear is almost always older road equipment of some type. As in its road category, Recycled Cycles currently lists retro items within sport, racing/triathlon and touring sections.

Do you have unusual retro bikes or equipment to trade or consign? Please e-mail your inquiry.

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