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Recycled Cycles & Service...
offers a wide range of repair and maintenance services; several popular service packages are outlined below. Recycled Cycles owner/mechanic Paul Moskovitz carefully completes all work to professional standards using low-impact solvents and lubricants when possible.

For customers in the St. Louis region, call (314) 862-4041 or e-mail to set up a personal appointment and free estimate. References are available, of course.

We will try to accommodate your schedule, but please be courteous. If you are running late or unable to keep an appointment, please call so we can best serve other customers.

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Choose from these basic service packages...
or call on us for more specific work. Triple conversions are a Recycled Cycles specialty!

Quality Tuneup -- $65 (plus parts)
Tuneup service includes lubrication and adjustment of brakes and derailleurs, adjustment of main bearing assemblies (hubs, cranks, headset), wheel truing, general cleaning and safety inspection.

Tuneup, Drivetrain Service -- $95 (plus parts)
This service package includes removal, cleaning and lubrication of chain, crankset, freewheel and derailleurs in addition to all the lubrication and adjustments listed under our Quality Tuneup. Bottom bracket overhaul also included.

Major Overhaul -- Quoted (per bicycle inspection)
Make your bike like new! A Major Overhaul includes total disassembly, cleaning, lubrication and careful reassembly of every component of your bicycle. Drivetrain deep cleaning, frame inspection and alignment (as required) are also part of the package.

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Contact Recycled Cycles for help...
on all your bike projects. From tuneups to complete restorations, how can we be of service? Call or e-mail Recycled Cycles & Service to discuss your specific cycling needs.

Component Upgrades -- Complete Parts Availability

Custom Wheel Building

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Mechanical repairs, services:
Recycled Cycles & Service executes to quality standards all service work as requested by customer in a written service agreement. Recycled Cycles guarantees repairs will remain mechanically sound for a period of 30 days from the time the work is picked up.

In the unlikely event corrective work is required, all service claims must be presented by original repair customer to Recycled Cycles and processed at our St. Louis facility. Recycled Cycles will not be responsible for claims presented by other parties.

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Recycled Cycles & Service

Phone: (314) 862-4041
7375 Shaftesbury Ave. • St. Louis, Missouri 63130 USA