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49cm BIANCHI CAMPIONE -- 21 speeds, celeste -- $375 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Bianchi size) Older model has been upgraded to Shimano integrated shifting. Lugged steel frame and fork deliver a smooth ride. Good mix of Shimano RX100 and RSX components including triple cranks. Original Bianchi saddle, conventional pedals. Very good condition.

52cm TREK 560 -- 24 speeds, metallic silver -- $435
SORRY - SOLD(Trek size) Just repainted (with decals), this silver beauty has sparkle! American-made, lugged True-Temper steel frame tubing means this bike is in for the long haul. Completely rebuilt and upgraded with newer Shimano Sora STI shifters, triple cranks and derailleurs. Tektro dual-pivot brakes, Body Geometry saddle. Includes conventional pedals. Looks almost new!

52cm WATERFORD 1250 -- 24 speeds, deep blue -- $675 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Measured c-c) Spectacular handmade American frame and fork from a master builder who helped set the bar for quality. Fully lugged sport-touring model has Henry James cast dropouts, rear rack mounts and eyelets both front and rear. Nicely equipped with Shimano touring equipment, including RX-100 triple cranks, derailleurs and hubs. Shimano bar-control shifters, upgraded Shimano 105 dual-pivot brakes, Terry Liberator seat and Dia-Compe aero brake levers. The wheels feature Mavic 205 touring rims and Continental Gatorskin tires. Ride-On Gore-Tex lined cables, cartridge headset and bottom bracket. Excellent condition. (Priced without pedals.)

54cm TREK 2100 -- 16 speeds, natural carbon/blue -- $400 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Trek size) Reliable model sports a bonded frame of carbon and aluminum with the original aluminum fork. Upgraded with STI shifting, the Shimano parts group includes 105 cranks and derailleurs, and RX100 dual-pivot brakes and hubs. Wheels roll on Matrix Aurora alloy rims and Bontrager Race Lite tires. A more upright stance is achieved with a Coda stem. Bontrager saddle. Very good condition. Some scuffs and scratches. (Priced without pedals.)

56cm TREK 2000 -- 24 speeds, blue -- $385
JUST IN!(Trek size) Trek's Alpha SL aluminum frame creates a light and strong performance machine. No generic parts, either. Equipped with a full Shimano RSX component group, including STI shifters, derailleurs, hubs, cranks and dual-pivot brakes. Performance wheels spin on Mavic CXP21 aero rims and Bontrager tires. WTB cushion saddle, conventional pedals. Very good condition, some scuffs.

58cm TREK 1420 -- 24 speeds, blue -- $335
SORRY - SOLD(Trek size) Sport touring model reflects some pedigree. Trek's exclusive bonded aluminum frame and fork are equipped with Shimano 105 parts, including hubs, dual-pivot brakes with aero levers and down tube index shift levers. Wide-range touring drivetrain uses Shimano Deore triple cranks and derailleurs, Matrix ISO aero clincher rims. Good candidate for STI upgrade. Includes conventional pedals. Excellent condition.

60cm TREK 400 -- 14 speeds, red -- $225 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Trek size) Bright red paint and black decals make this nearly original classic model pop. Lugged True Temper double-butted chrome-moly frame and fork include rear eyelets and a pump peg. Equipped with Suntour Edge derailleurs, brakes and cranks, Suntour Accushift downtube index shifters. Matrix rims, Avocet saddle, aero brake levers. Includes conventional pedals. Very good condition.

62cm CANNONDALE -- 14 speeds, red -- $450 (Photo)
(Cannondale size) Collectible model from the early days of Cannondale is in excellent condition. Cool professionally repainted full-aluminum frame features oversized dropouts, pump peg, beveled seat lug and integrated brake cable guides. Components include Shimano 600 hubs, derailleurs, brakes with aero levers, down tube shifters, bottom bracket, cranks and headset. Cinelli handlebars and stem, TCO seatpost, new tires. Period-correct suede Avocet saddle, too. Some scratches. (Priced without pedals.)

62cm GIANT KRONOS -- 16 speeds, matte green -- $385
JUST IN!(Giant size) Popular sport touring model features a TIG-welded chrome-moly frame and fork with rack and low rider mounts. Rebuilt with newer Shimano Sora components: cranks, STI shifters, derailleurs, dual-pivot brakes. Vuelta Airline aero rims roll on new 25mm tires. Black stem and seatpost add a sleek look. Includes conventional pedals. Excellent condition.

62cm TREK 1100 -- 21 speeds, black -- $225
JUST IN!(Trek size) Popular model sports a US-made, bonded aluminum frame and chrome-moly fork. Triple cranks provide hill-climbing gears. Suntour Edge components include indexing down tube shifters, derailleurs, cranks, brakes and quick-release hubs. Bontrager saddle, alloy rims, new tires. Very good condition, low miles.


53cm TREK 1100 -- blue -- (Was $175) $90 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Trek size: 55cm) Tried and true bonded aluminum frame and chrome-moly fork. Oversized Alcoa 6061 T6 heat-treated aluminum frame tubing, down tube shifter bosses, front and rear eyelets, internally run rear brake cable, vertical dropouts. Good condition, some scuffs and scratches.

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52cm TREK 1500 -- 16 speeds, pearl white -- $310
SORRY - SOLD(Trek size) Light, fast, strong -- and almost completely original. US-made Easton bonded aluminum frame includes the original aluminum fork. Shimano 600 (think Ultegra) derailleurs, down tube shifters, hubs, crankset, brakes with aero levers and headset. High-performance, super strong Matrix ISO-IIC aero rims complete the wheel package. Also includes Sakae anatomic handlebars and stem. (Priced without pedals.)

54cm SEROTTA COLORADO AL -- 18 speeds, red/black/polished -- $630 (Photo)
(Measured c-c) Handmade in the US, this special bike is built from Serotta's proprietary Colorado Concept aluminum frame tubing and has an upgraded Kestrel EMS carbon fork. Shimano components include Dura-Ace cranks and derailleurs, Ultegra STI shifters and 600 dual-pivot brakes. Shimano 105 hubs are laced to Mavic Open Pro hard-anodized/heat-treated rims. Cane Creek threadless headset, Ritchey seatpost, Modolo X-Tenos handlebars, Selle Royal Senium saddle. Very good condition. (Priced without pedals.)

55cm BIANCHI VELOCE -- 18 speeds, celeste -- (Was $725) Now $650 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Bianchi size) Handmade in Italy and Campy-equipped. The TIG-welded Chromo-Lite tubing is double-butted and heat-treated. Upgraded to a straight-leg True Temper Alpha Q Ex carbon fork and FSA headset. Campagnolo Veloce Ergo controls, derailleurs, cranks, brakes and hubs. Mavic CXP-21 aero rims, Continental Grand Prix 4000 tires. ITM stem, Race Face seatpost and new Bontrager Nebula saddle. Very good condition, some crazing of the clear coat. (Priced without pedals.)

58cm ROSSIN -- 16 speeds, red/white fade -- $550
JUST IN!(Measured c-c) This distinctive bike is a great example of overstated mid-1980s Italian design. The lugged frame features Columbus tubing, multiple "R" pantographing and partial "fishnet" paint treatment. The fork has a sloping crown and half-chrome legs. Built up with Suntour Superbe brakes, rear derailleur and downtube friction shifters. Color-coordinated with newer low-spoke-count wheels in white and Hutchinson Equinox tires with red sidewall accents. Also: new Sugino cranks and bar tape, lightweight saddle, Cinelli stem, etc. A rider, not a showpiece, in very good condition overall. Frame has touch-ups and several small dents. (Priced without pedals.)

60cm TREK 2120 -- 16 speeds, purple/natural carbon -- $500 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Trek size) Lightweight, extra-clean bike is based on Trek's three-tube carbon/aluminum frame design with a new carbon fork. Rebuilt with a full Shimano 600 "tri-color" component group, including STI shifters. New aero-style alloy rims with Hutchison Equinox tires. New cassette, chain, handlebar tape and saddle, too. Very nice. (Priced without pedals.)


52cm COLNAGO -- metallic blue -- $250 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Measured c-c) Lugged Columbus chrome-moly frame with custom repaint, engraved fork crown and stay caps. Flashy chrome scalloped head lugs, threaded chrome fork and chrome driveside stay. Front derailleur braze-on, brake cable guides. Good condition with a few marks, minor surface rust on chrome and several painted surfaces. (No decals.)

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61cm FUJI AMERICA TOURING SERIES V -- 18 speeds, metallic teal -- $525
SORRY - SOLD(Fuji size) This long-wheelbase model set the bar in the world of production touring bikes. Comfortable geometry and super-wide gearing are perfect for long-distance travel. The quad-butted, lugged chrome-moly frameset has double eyelets, rear rack mounts, low-rider front mounts, fittings for three water bottles and a built-in "rack" for extra spokes. The Suntour Mountech/Letech touring derailleurs and bar-control shifters handle the half-step plus granny gearing of the Sugino AT triple crankset. Other components: sealed-bearing hubs, pedals and bottom bracket, Gran Compe cantilever brakes with drilled quick-release levers. The Technomic extra-tall stem, alloy bars and seatpost finish off this nearly original time capsule in super condition.


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