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14in/Extra-Small RALEIGH MOJAVE 2.0 -- 21 speeds, copper orange -- $235 (Photo)
JUST IN!(Raleigh size) Low standover height fits children and other smaller riders. TIG-welded steel frame with sloping top tube uses an RST Capa suspension fork. Equipped with SR Suntour cranks and Shimano derailleurs with new Grip Shift gear controls. Linear-pull brakes and quick-release alloy wheels, too. New pedals, other parts. Various scrapes, but excellent mechanics.

16in KONA FIRE MOUNTAIN -- 24 speeds, candy blue -- $255 (Photo)
(Measured c-c) The eye-catching double-butted aluminum frame is mated to a Sync adjustable suspension fork. Equipped with Shimano derailleurs and trigger shifters, V-brakes, Sun MC18 rims, Continental tires, quick-release seatpost, riser-style stem. Very good condition. Includes conventional pedals.

16in RALEIGH M20 Ladies -- 21 speeds, blue/white -- $180 (Photo)
(Raleigh size) Basic ladies model has upright bars and stem for a comfortable position. Raleigh's heat-treated aluminum frame is coupled to a SR Suntour suspension fork. Shimano derailleurs with Revo twist shifters that are easy to use and clearly show gear selection. Quick-release seatpost and wheels, triple cranks for easy hill climbing. Powerful V-brakes deliver extra stopping power. Wide cushion seat, open-face pedals. Excellent condition, low miles.

16.5in RALEIGH M50 -- 21 speeds, black -- $200 (Photo)
(Raleigh size) Basic (not generic) mountain bike sports a chrome-moly frame and fork. Mud-shedding cables run along the side of the top tube. Shimano Alivio components, Vuelta rims, knobby tires. High-rise stem, Vetta saddle, quick-release seatpost. Includes conventional pedals. Very good condition.

17in CANNONDALE F700 VOLVO -- 24 speeds, red -- $335 (Photo)
(Measured c-t) CAD 2 aluminum model with sloping top tube and MC60 Head Shok was made in the U.S. Shimano STX RC derailleurs, Sachs grip shiting. Wheels have Formula hubs, Alex TA-20 alloy rims and street tires. Suspension seatpost and cushion saddle smooth out the ride. Excellent condition.

17in/Medium RALEIGH C500 -- 27 speeds, silver/black -- $325 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Raleigh size) Higher-end model provides an upright position with superior components for a trouble-free ride. High-quality welded aluminum frame is mated with a Rock Shox Metro adjustable suspension fork. A suspension seatpost and big cushion saddle complete the setup. High-rise adjustable stem, riser handlebars, Shimano Deore LX shifters, derailleurs and hubs. V-brakes, quick-release seatpost, city tires, open-face pedals. Excellent condition.

17in SPECIALIZED ROCKHOPPER -- 24 speeds, matte silver -- $225 (Photo)
(Specialized size) Full double-butted chrome-moly frame and fork built up with SR Suntour cranks, Shimano Rapid Fire shifters with optical gear displays and rear derailleur, and Tektro V-brakes. Quick-release alloy wheels, new saddle and chain, standard pedals. Very good mechanics, some paint scrapes.

18in TREK 3500 3 SERIES -- 21 speeds, red -- $260
SORRY - SOLD(Trek size) Sporty mountain bike boasts an Alpha Aluminum frame and SR Suntour 63mm suspension fork. Components include Shimano trigger shifters and V-brakes, triple cranks, high-rise stem and riser handlebars, convenient quick-release seatpost, Bontrager 550 rims. Conventional pedals. Very good condition.

19in GARY FISHER HOOKOOEKOO -- 27 speeds, black/white/blue -- $450 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Gary Fisher size) Higher-end model can take some serious off-road use. Gold Series 6061 heat-treated aluminum frame has an adjustable Marzochi Bomber long-travel suspension fork. Equipped with Shimano Deore LX derailleurs, hubs and trigger shifters; V-brakes; and Bontrager cranks, seatpost, handlebars and stem. Excellent condition. (Priced without pedals.)

19.5in GARY FISHER TASSAJARA -- 21 speeds, blue -- $250 (Photo)
JUST IN!(Gary Fisher size) This US-made chrome-moly bike was designed for off-road, but could easily be converted for city cruising. Equipped with Shimano Acera derailleurs, cantilever brakes and hubs. SRAM twist-grip gear controls, new Sugino cranks and knobby tires. Quick-release alloy wheels and seatpost provide convenience. Includes pedals with toe clips and straps. Very good condition.

21in TREK 830 -- 21 speeds, deep blue/purple fade -- $225 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Trek size) Sturdy, dependable MTB is in excellent condition. Full chrome-moly frame and unicrown fork, rebuilt with upgraded Shimano Deore drivetrain components. Grip Shift gear controls, new cantilever brakes, quick-release wheels with knobby tires. Padded saddle with quick-release seatpost, too.

21.5in TREK 800 -- 21 speeds, purple -- $200 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Measured c-t) Well-known model is built around a TIG-welded steel frame and fork. Equipped with Shimano Altus components: deraillerus, cranks, cantilever brakes. Dependable Grip Shift gear controls, convenient quick-release alloy wheels. Excellent condition.


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Medium/54cm GT GTR TYPE CX 2.0 -- 20 speeds, blue/white -- $765 (Photo)
(GT size) Like new! The hydroformed aluminum frame is mated to a cyclocross-specific carbon fork with geometry that is upright and neutral enough for exploring gravel paths as well as joining a cyclocross race. Nicely equipped with Shimano Tiagra STI shifters and derailleurs, Tektro cantilever brakes, Truvativ Vero Cross cranks. Bio-Morphic saddle, shallow handlebars and Schwalbe CX Comp 35mm tires complete the package. (Priced without pedals.)

54cm RALEIGH WILLARD 2 -- 22 speeds, silver/orange -- $1080 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Raleigh size) This 2015 model is a gravel-slaying, all-condition performance bike. 6061 aluminum frame has disc tabs, rack and fender mounts, and a tapered head tube for the carbon fork. Drivetrain includes compact cranks with external bearings. TRP Spyre mechanical dual-actuated disc brakes use 160mm rotors for sure stops. Wheels use Weinmann Kmax Pro double-wall rims with Clement X'Plor MSO 40mm tires. Excellent condition, low miles. Compare at $1750. (Priced without pedals.)


58cm REDLINE CONQUEST PRO -- candy blue/white -- (Was $185) Now $165 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Measured c-c) TIG-welded Kinesis aluminum frame designed for cylcocrossing. Lemond unicrown aluminum fork, removable derailleur hanger. Accepts cantilever brakes. 2004 model includes Ritchey threadless headset. Excellent condition.

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14.5in RALEIGH M45 -- 21 speeds, dark blue -- $220
JUST IN!(Raleigh size) Comfortable city bike is built around a high-strength chrome-moly frame and fork. Convenience features include an upright stem, quick-release seatpost and alloy wheels, and a cushion gel saddle. Twist-grip shifters, Shimano derailleurs and cranks, V-brakes, conventional pedals. Wide, yet smooth city tires. Very good condition.

14.5in TREK NAVIGATOR 400 -- 24 speeds, blue -- $315 (Photo)
(Trek size) Rebuilt hybrid features a Trek-designed Alpha Custom aluminum frame and Suntour M7600 suspension fork. Sloping top tube makes for easy mounting and dismounting. High-rise adjustable stem, wide Avocet women's cushion saddle, suspension seatpost. White Industries triple cranks, alloy quick-release wheels with smooth-riding Specialized Nimbus EX tires. Shifting is controlled by upgraded Shimano derailleurs and new trigger shifters. Also: V-brakes, open-face pedals with removable straps. Excellent condition.

16in/Small RALEIGH SC30 -- 21 speeds, silver/gray -- $250 (Photo)
(Raleigh size) Unisex comfort bike sports an aluminum frame, RST suspension fork and suspension seatpost. High-rise adjustable stem, cushion saddle, quick-release seatpost. The drivetrain has Shimano twist-grip shifters with gear indicators, Shimano derailleurs and cranks. V-brakes handle the stops. Alloy wheels have smooth, wide city tires. Chainguard and platform pedals included. Very good condition.

17in GIANT SEDONA DX -- 24 speeds, silver/gray -- $285 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Giant size) Popular city/comfort model provides all-day riding comfort. Giant's reliable aluminum frame and SR/Suntour adjustable magnesium suspension fork, support the suspension seatpost and cushion saddle. Triple cranks with chainguard, high-rise adjustable stem, city-style tires, basic pedals. Excellent condition.

18in/Medium RALEIGH VENTURE 4.0 -- 24 speeds, copper -- $285 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Raleigh size) Modern comfort bike sports an aluminum frame, SR/Suntour adjustable suspension fork and suspension seatpost. High-rise adjustable stem, cushion seat, trigger shifters with gear indicators. Shimano derailleurs and cranks, quick-release seatpost and alloy wheels with smooth-tread city-style tires, V-brakes. Platform pedals and chainguard. Very good condition.

19in GIANT CYPRESS -- 21 speeds, silver -- $200 (Photo)
SORRY - SOLD(Giant size) Extremely popular model for around-town cruising. Upright position with riser handlebars and stem, twist-grip shifting, Shimano derailleurs and cranks. Comfort saddle, quick-release seatpost and wheels with city tires, cantilever brakes, basic pedals. Very good condition.

19in RALEIGH DASH PLUS -- 21 speeds, white -- $180 (Photo)
(Measured c-t) Basic hybrid has a TIG-welded steel frame and unicrown fork with Shimano Exage derailleurs, trigger shifters, cranks and hubs. Cantilever brakes handle the stops. Riser bar and stem for a comfortable riding position. Good condition.

Extra-Large SPECIALIZED EXPEDITION SPORT -- 21 speeds, silver -- $320 (Photo)
(Specialized size) Nice comfort bike is built around an aluminum frame and SR/Suntour adjustable suspension fork. Shimano derailleurs and cranks, grip shifters with gear indicators. Quick-release alloy wheels with wide city tires and V-brakes, too. High-rise adjustable stem and cushion saddle with a quick-release seatpost add comfort. Color-coordinated seat and handlebar grips add style. Very good condition.

22.5in TREK 7200 -- 21 speeds, gray/silver -- $200 (Photo)
(Trek Size) Popular sport hybrid model was recently rebuilt. Full aluminum frame with new fork. Shimano drivetrain includes derailleurs, cranks and trigger-style shifters. Quick-release suspension seatpost, wide cushion saddle, upright handlebars with adjustable stem. Alloy quick-release wheels have smooth city tires. Alloy pedals, V-brakes. Good condition, some scuffs and scratches.


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